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Guide to Power Carving

Power carving products and techniques are featured on this illustrated website. The site explains what power carving is used for and how power carving tools are used to carve wood and other materials. It defines the major types of power tools and accessories that carvers need; it also highlights...

 Post Office Box 828, NJ, 08005
Guide to Jewelry Making Careers

Both amateur and professional jewelers design jewelry items such as pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings using materials such as wood, metals, leather, beads, gems, and stones. Some jewelers are employed by jewelry manufacturers or retailers, whereas others are be self-employed. While...

 Post Office Box 828, New Jersey, 08005
Guide to Carbide Burs

The focus of this website is the carbide bur (sometimes spelled "burr"), a high-speed rotary tool that can efficiently manipulate a variety of materials. Used by jewelers, dentists, and craftsmen, specialized carbide burs can remove material quickly as well as shape, finish, and polish both ferrous...

 Post Office Box 828, NJ, 08005
Guide to Dental Instruments

Dental instruments and accessories are the focus of this illustrated guide. Visitors can learn about various dental instruments and their applications. The website pages define the primary types of dental instruments that dentists and other dental professionals use. Links to selected dental...

 Post Office Box 828, NJ, 08050
Jewelry-Making Tools by Pfingst & Company

Jewelers often use flexible shaft machines for repetitive bench work. Drill bits and burs are used in these machines to complete various tasks. Drill bits are used to make holes. Jewelry burs are most commonly used for engraving, filing, deburring, stone setting, and wax carving. There are many bur...

 105 Snyder Road, NJ, 07080
Custom Lighting by Craft Metal

With decades of experience, Craft Metal is able to produce many special design variations to match the architecture and lighting requirements of each building. This lighting manufacturer specializes in custom lighting solutions for churches, libraries, hotels, restaurants, and other public...

 2751 North Emerson Avenue, IN, 46218
Scichart Wpf Charts for Ios

SciChart is a great tool for building android and iOS charts straight from the comfort of your mobile device. By using Scichart on your android device or on your iOS device, you will be able to create fast and complex WPF charts without ever having the need to use a personal computer or a laptop.

Thornhill Galleries London Fireplaces

Thornhill Galleries is a leading supplier of antique fireplaces in Britain. One of the most popular materials for antique fireplaces is marble, and few fireplace companies manage to get to the level of finish and craft quality that Thornhill Galleries achieves when designing, crafting and installing...

Regional Hospice and Palliative Care

We provide exceptional, convenient, in-hospice and hospice home care services 7 days a week in Connecticut. Physicians, registered nurses, social workers, chaplains, hospice care aides, and trained hospice volunteers follow customized, individual care plans designed to meet each patient’s needs for...

 30 Milestone Road, Connecticut, 06810
Extra Wide Shoes

Access the Wide Fit Shoes website to be able to choose from a wide range of wide fit boots models and designs. Wide fit boots are recommended for those with wider feet as they are specifically designed to fit your size and to be one of the most comfortable boots available.

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