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Local Real Estate Directory

This website outlines how local real estate agents, who are familiar with the character and trends of an area, can help clients find homes that match their requirements and preferences. The website includes tips for evaluating real estate agents, as well as for choosing a home to buy and getting a...

 Post Office Box 828, NJ, 08005
Restaurant Architects

A restaurant architect designs restaurants and develops the overall look, design, and feel of each establishment. He or she uses creative skills and design concepts to produce building plans and usually works with construction personnel to bring the architectural restaurant plans to fruition. These...

Reference Information and Resources

Reference websites are intended to present brief items of information such as definitions, facts, or statistics. Noah Webster's 1841 dictionary of the English language is a well-known reference work whose lexicography has stood the test of time in successive Merriam-Webster dictionary editions...

Photography Resources

The invention of dry photographic film (and the development of the Kodak box camera in 1888) opened up the art of photography to virtually everyone. In recent years, the invention of the digital camera has made it easy for everyone to shoot, enhance, print, and distribute pictures. Concurrently, the...

Chosen Sites Directory

Chosen Sites is the portal to a series of information, news, and enterprise resources that are primarily designed for North American, English-speaking web users. These resources include a news aggregator, an informative consumer information directory, and a searchable, general interest web...

 Post Office Box 828, NJ, 08005

Admissions Checkup is a professional college admission consultancy company. We connect your application with experienced former admissions offers at top schools. Our admissions consultants review your application, providing you the needed guidance to improve your probability of acceptance to your...

 73 Old Ridgefield Road, Connecticut, 06897
 203 762 6500
Studio19 Records

We are a full production music studio facility where we can help you record, mix and master your music. You can send us your song to be "polished" or remixed through our best of class Solid State Logic board and analog devices.

 87 Royal Coach Lane, Connecticut, 06488
Alliance Bail Bonds

Alliance Bail Bonds of New Britain provides twenty-four-seven bail bonds service throughout Connecticut. Our bondsman is fast, reliable and professional. We have relationships with some of CT’s most reputable attorneys.

 38 Haviland Street, Connecticut, 06010
Guide to Power Carving

Power carving products and techniques are featured on this illustrated website. The site explains what power carving is used for and how power carving tools are used to carve wood and other materials. It defines the major types of power tools and accessories that carvers need; it also highlights...

 Post Office Box 828, NJ, 08005
Guide to Jewelry Making Careers

Both amateur and professional jewelers design jewelry items such as pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings using materials such as wood, metals, leather, beads, gems, and stones. Some jewelers are employed by jewelry manufacturers or retailers, whereas others are be self-employed. While...

 Post Office Box 828, New Jersey, 08005
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